Sassbook AI Paraphraser – A Modern Paraphrasing Tool to Repurpose Your Writing

Sassbook AI Paraphrasing Tool

Sassbook AI Paraphraser is now generally available! Paraphrase your writing to adapt it to any use case with this AI paraphrasing tool. The fast and configurable AI lets you rewrite large articles quickly, being one of the fastest paraphrasers around. With the Premium subscription plan, you can paraphrase text containing as many as 10,000 words at a time (~15K tokens)!

Many scenarios demand paraphrasing of text content. Once you generate content, whether manually or with AI assistance (using the Sassbook AI Writer or  the Sassbook AI Story Writer, for example), you might want to it to use in different situations. Each of these situations typically require some rewriting to fit the audience. Sassbook AI Paraphraser does more than replace a few words here and there – it can rewrite and rephrase articles much like an expert human.

Sassbook AI Paraphraser can be configured to control the amount of paraphrasing as well as the length of paraphrased sentences.
AI Paraphraser Configuration

Head over to Sassbook AI right now and paraphrase, rewrite or rephrase your content to adapt it to your particular use case or the audience. With AI paraphrasing, you can also make it somewhat shorter than or longer than the original article while you are at it. The AI Paraphrasing Tool allows varying degrees of change by adjusting the Variance setting. The Target Size lets you control the relative length of the output article, including preserving the original length.

The AI Paraphraser/AI Rewriter is a great addition to Sassbook AI existing offerings that include the Sassbook AI WriterSassbook AI Story Writer, Sassbook AI Summarizer, and Sassbook AI Headline Generator. The products are designed to be independent but interoperate with one another, to simplify and accelerate your content generation and repurposing pipeline.

For example, you may summarize an article and run it through the paraphraser to adapt it to your particular target use case. Or rewrite the article or the story generated by our writers.

Moreover, the AI Paraphrasing Tool is included in all plans at no extra costs providing your subscriptions with even more value.

As usual, provide your feedback and valuable suggestions via the feedback form at Sassbook AI website or via email.

More about how to paraphrase your content to improve and adapt it for any purpose.

We will add the The AI Paraphraser API to our collection of developer API offerings that include the summarize API, headline generator API, and the content generation API.

The Sassbook AI Team