Sassbook AI Paraphraser – A Modern Paraphrasing Tool to Repurpose Your Writing

Sassbook AI Paraphrasing Tool

Sassbook AI Paraphraser is now generally available! Paraphrase your writing to adapt it to any use case with this AI paraphrasing tool. The fast and configurable AI lets you rewrite large articles quickly, being one of the fastest paraphrasers around. With the Premium subscription plan, you can paraphrase text containing as many as 10,000 words at a time (~15K tokens)!

Many scenarios demand paraphrasing of text content. Once you generate content, whether manually or with AI assistance (using the Sassbook AI Writer orย  the Sassbook AI Story Writer, for example), you might want to it to use in different situations. Each of these situations typically require some rewriting to fit the audience. Sassbook AI Paraphraser does more than replace a few words here and there – it can rewrite and rephrase articles much like an expert human.

Sassbook AI Paraphraser can be configured to control the amount of paraphrasing as well as the length of paraphrased sentences.
AI Paraphraser Configuration

Head over to Sassbook AI right now and paraphrase, rewrite or rephrase your content to adapt it to your particular use case or the audience. With AI paraphrasing, you can also make it somewhat shorter than or longer than the original article while you are at it. The AI Paraphrasing Tool allows varying degrees of change by adjusting the Variance setting. The Target Size lets you control the relative length of the output article, including preserving the original length.

The AI Paraphraser/AI Rewriter is a great addition to Sassbook AI existing offerings that include the Sassbook AI Writer,ย Sassbook AI Story Writer, Sassbook AI Summarizer, and Sassbook AI Headline Generator. The products are designed to be independent but interoperate with one another, to simplify and accelerate your content generation and repurposing pipeline.

For example, you may summarize an article and run it through the paraphraser to adapt it to your particular target use case. Or rewrite the article or the story generated by our writers.

Moreover, the AI Paraphrasing Tool is included in all plans at no extra costs providing your subscriptions with even more value.

As usual, provide your feedback and valuable suggestions via the feedback form at Sassbook AI website or via email.

More about how to paraphrase your content to improve and adapt it for any purpose.

We will add the The AI Paraphraser API to our collection of developer API offerings that include the summarize API, headline generator API, and the content generation API.

The Sassbook AI Team

Automate Title Generation Using the new Sassbook AI Headline Generator API

Automate title generation with the new Sassbook AI Headline Generator API
Use Sassbook Headline Generation API to automate title generation in your own workflows and applications

We have been getting quite a few requests to provide a developer API for AI title generation after the Sassbook AI Headline Generator web application was released a while ago. Today, we are happy to announce that Sassbook AI Headline Generator API is now available for integrating headline generation into your workflows and products! ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰

Similar to other Sassbook AI developer APIs already in existence, the headline API is also designed to support large volume usage and speedy execution. It excels in scenarios where near real-time response is needed as well as in the context of bulk-processing a large number of documents.


Simple and Powerful AI Title Generator API

The title generator API closely mirrors the web application functionality in its simplicity by requiring the user to only supply a couple of named parameters in addition to the required text content. In fact, only the source text (in UTF-8) is a required input, and the API internally provides sensible defaults for others.

The API can return multiple headlines for each set of parameters, so it is easy to pick a headline that works best. You can generate a larger set with different parameters and different seeding, so there is even more for a human to choose from, if so desired. For a single API call, one to ten candidate headlines may be generated.

Document Sizes and the AI Headline Generator API

There is a limit of eight hundred (800) words for the input document currently. This is because a much larger document potentially contains numerous ideas and concepts, resulting in less optimal headlines. However, if your documents are larger, it is trivial to make them shorter by creating a nice abstractive summaries using the Sassbook AI Summarizer API and feeding the result to the headline generator API.

Sassbook AI Headline Generator API Pricing

The headline/title generator API follows a simple pricing scheme, unlike other APIs which are based on the amount of text processed. For the title generator API, a fixed amount is charged for each headline generated, so it is easy to understand and manage the cost involved. The pricing is also attractive and split into different bands based on net usage in each monthly billing cycle. For more details about pricing and API documentation, visit the headline generator API page.

Like other APIs, the title generator API is also available under the API credits scheme for we application subscribers as well with the API-only subscription (based on usage). See the pricing page for more details.


Integrate Sassbook AI Headline Generator into your own workflows and applications

With the addition of this API, Sassbook AI covers more industrial-strength content automation scenarios, combining multiple APIs in creative ways. More such APIs are on the anvil to support and complete many more such diverse workflows and application use cases.

Do try out the Headline Generator API and provide your feedback!

Sassbook AI is a pioneer in AI content automation SaaS applications incorporating the latest developments in the AI technology space. The company currently offers web applications such as the AI Writer, AI Summary Generator, AI Headline Generator, and the AI Story Writer. Developer APIs for content generation, summary generation, and title/headline generation are also available.

Boost your content with a striking headline – Announcing the Sassbook AI Headline Generator

AI Headline Generator automatically generates headlines from your content with advanced AI

Sassbook AI Headline Generator is now generally available! You can now generate titles, headlines, or taglines for your text content automatically with various styles and lengths to fit your audience. The state-of-the-art AI analyzes the supplied text and generates up to ten (10) headlines at a time, so you can always find one that is just right.

Headlines draw your audience and ensure your audience’s engagement with it. Creating a headline that works for the content and your audience is no mean task. Sassbook’s advanced AI engine can easily generate hundreds of headlines in a matter of minutes, so it becomes trivial to select one and assign to your article. Even when you do not have the exact headline, finding one that is a close match or inspires you to create just the right one is guaranteed.

The AI Headline Generator is designed to fit into your content automation workflow alongside the Sassbook AI Writer, Sassbook AI Story Writer and the Sassbook AI Summarizer. For example, the content could be created with the AI Writer and a title is needed. Or you have a rather large article, and you use the abstractive summary generated by the AI summarizer to generate titles and headlines.

The headline generator or the title generator is designed to work with a wide variety of content types across domains, so regardless of whether you are dealing with news, blogs, website copy, a research article, fiction, or just about any other article, you can be sure that the AI Title Generator will always generate suitable candidate headlines for you to work with.

Configure the headline generator to generate titles with different creativity and length settings
Configure the Headline Generator to generate a title just right for your context and purpose

Head over to Sassbook AI right now and create headlines, titles, or taglines automatically from your content, to ensure your precious content draws the attention from your audience it deserves!

As usual, provide your feedback and valuable suggestions via the feedback form at Sassbook AI website or via email.

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Announcing the Sassbook AI Story Writer – AI Story Writing Just Got Better

Sassbook AI Story Writer – An AI text generator dedicated to story writing

We are excited to announce the availability of the AI Story Writer, a writer specifically designed to aid story writing. This is the first of a series of specialized AI content generator applications that we plan to make available in the next few months.

The Sassbook AI Writer already does a great job with AI story generation. The folks at feature the product in their story writing product reviews. Our customers have been asking more control over the story categories and style. We understood what this meant for them – faster and more relevant content generation.

The major feature of the AI story generator is the ability to select a genre (category, style)for the content beforehand. This first release has six categories, including the Original, which is more or less similar to how the generic writer works. More will be added, so the keep the feedback coming.

Sassbook AI Story Writer supports several story genres for automatic story generation.
Story genres or categories supported by the AI story generator

This automatic story generator is only intended to write fiction content with AI. Other than that, the user interface is nearly identical to the generic AI Writer that you are familiar with. We have dropped the “keywords” field for specialized writers though.

That’s it for now! Please head over to the Sassbook AI Story Writer page and start telling your story! We have added a video to get help get started for those who need it.

Learn more about the AI Story Writer

AI Story Writing for professional authors and enthusiasts alike. Anytime. Every time.






Sassbook AI Developer API for Content Automation Is Now Live

We are excited to announce that the Sassbook Developer API for both content generation and content summarization is now publicly available. The text summarization API has been available for some time privately and was released a couple of months back. The text content generation API is now available, so the developer API now covers functionality of both web applications, the Sassbook AI Text Summarizer and the Sassbook AI Writer.

There has been tremendous interest in the capabilities that these web applications provide, so customers are able to incorporate them into their own workflows and custom applications. Many clients also needed to process large volumes of documents (especially for the Summarizer), so programmatic access was a requirement for them.

For content generation, it was about incorporating the capability into the customer’s applications and also about customizing how the snippet of text was being generated and presented to their users. Customers were also asking for a few other higher-level features, that we plan to incorporate into the API eventually.

Developer API Subscription Plans

Customers needing the API access varied in their usage patterns. Some of them were happy existing customers of the web applications but needed the API for some use cases. Others exclusively needed the API, but the volume of usage varied quite a bit.

In the end, we settled on two kinds of API plans:

  1. For the former group requiring both web-app access as well as the API access, there are free, monthly credits attached to each subscription plan. If the credits are exceeded, they are charged for the additional usage.
  2. For exclusive API access, the developer API plan is added. This plan features a free-trial and a one-time fee after the trial. Thereafter, the pricing is fully metered (usage-based) and charged monthly.

You can find the details of how these are structured in the Developer API page.

Developer API Documentation and Metered Pricing

Metered pricing is based on the amount of text processed, including both input and generated text. The pricing unit is 1000 tokens (1KT), which is about 750 words. The pricing is different for each API. As the volume of processing becomes higher, the per-unit pricing becomes lower for each subsequent higher tier.

For documentation and pricing of the specific API, please refer to their respective pages:

Documentation and metered pricing for the AI Writer API

Documentation and metered pricing for the AI Text Summarizer API

We think these APIs will serve those looking for simple, powerful, and highly-scalable AI content generation and AI text summarization quite well.

Enhanced AI Content Writer and AI Summary Generator Engines For Even Better Content Automation

Enhanced AI Content Writer and AI Summary Generator Engines For Even Better Content Automation


We have been continuously improving core AI capabilities as well as user-facing capabilities ever since we started back in 2020. The engines have been kept current and issues addressed based on your extensive feedback.

Being a rapidly progressing technology area, keeping pace and adopting relevant improvements unveil significantly better capabilities and experiences for our customers. Further, some of them will enable us to provide new and adjacent products relevant to our customer workflows.

Recently, we released significant AI capability enhancements for both our products the AI automatic content generator and the AI automatic summary generator as explained below.

Brand New AI Content Generator Engine

We have been looking to enhance our AI Writer engine for some time to make it more current and one that provides more flexibility to support our plans moving forward. You will experience more contextual and varied content generation with this new AI engine. The engine also allows us to better customize generated content based on the supplied prompt and prior generations. Essentially, the new model makes it easier to add a new topic/domain with much less effort compared to the previous engine.

In addition, the new engine has better support for generating longer completions each time, so users (especially subscribers of Sassbook AI paid plans) should be able to enjoy longer generations for each attempt. This involves mitigating the commonplace occurrence of loss of context as the number of words increase in modern language models.

That said, we had already increased the number of words slightly earlier for both our Standard and Premium plans.

Control the behavior, length, and number of candidates for AI content generation

More importantly, as mentioned earlier, this engine will enable us to enhancements and new additions to automatic content generation capabilities going forward.

New and Enhanced Extractive Summarization Engine

Sassbook AI Summarizer had always been distinguished by its abstractive summarization software, which is able to summarize articles much like an expert human would. The extractive mode was thus not emphasized enough, and it worked well enough already, being a rather mature technology.

However, we realized that customers do use the extractive mode alongside the abstractive mode quite a bit. Given the tremendous progress made in this domain employing deep-learning models, we decided to switch to a most modern and capable extractive engine, at the cost of a slight reduction in speed, especially for large documents.

We are confident this change will make the AI Summarizer truly the best AI summary generator out there.

Do try out the new capabilities and let us know how they fare.ย  Lookout for more good stuff coming your way!