Making Sassbook AI Writer even more flexible with multiple alternative generations

Making Sassbook AI Writer even more powerful with multiple alternative generations

[Update: Starting April 19, 2021, our commercial plans support up to six generations at a time!]

One feedback we have heard time and again from our users is regarding the generation of alternatives. Of course, you could just hit the Complete or Continue button to generate a new snippet, nothing could be simpler.

However, it was not as clean an effective as some users expected it to be.

Imagine you hit the Complete button to generate the completion for the current prompt. Now, if you didn’t fancy that one and wanted to generate another, you would have to first locate it in the generated text and carefully delete it. It’s no big deal, but a chore.

The scenario with Continue is much the same, but slightly worse. If you hit the continue button twice in a row, the AI generated text builds upon the former one. The prompt completion always finishes off the supplied prompt and does not depend on the article generated so far.

We thought of different ways to mitigate this and stay true to our promise of radically faster ways to to create good quality, unique text with AI and make it the best AI Writer ever.

Turns out that we can kill a few birds with one simple, useful addition to the user interface and make things even more powerful and versatile!

So, instead of generating one completion for each click, the AI now generates two possible completions! The first one is selected by default and added to the article generated by AI so far.

So for the prompt from, shown below:

Diet prompt for AI Writer completion
Sample prompt for Sassbook AI Writer

the text writing AI generated this:

AI Writer generated completions
The two snippets generated by Sassbook AI Writer for a single click.

As you can see, the Complete button press has generated two possible completions and the first one is automatically added to the AI generated article. You can select the other one by clicking on the text which replaces the text in the article automagically!

You no longer have to clear the generation manually, click Complete and wait for a second alternative completion.

What if you didn’t like either one? It’s as easy as clicking the undo-like (Clear Selection) button on the right of candidate completions which clears the selection and removes the text from the article. Great!

The same scenario applies for the use of Continue button as well, making automatic text generation using the Sassbook AI Writer much more powerful than it used to be.

Does generating two completions take double the time? No, perhaps a trifle longer.

There is just one caveat though – if you edit the article text manually, it is considered frozen and no longer automatically replaced by selections or Clear Selection button.

Try it out and see the difference this makes to your Sassbook AI content generator workflow.

As usual, I’ll leave you with this tip/reminder: The AI generated text gets better as you build up the article, so spend a little more time in the beginning. It will get significantly better as you generate more.

Sassbook AI develops online software to automate your content workflows to save time and money, spanning the entire content lifecycle. Checkout out Sassbook AI Summarizer for a great way to create automatic text summaries online.

7 Tips to Getting Sassbook AI Writer to Generate Great Content Automatically

Sassbook AI Writer is able to write pretty much like a human, grammatically correct, coherent sentences. However, a purely autonomous AI writing content is not that interesting. Great content is still created by humans with unique insights and ideas. Sassbook automatic text generation using AI really augments that with articulation and often, inspiration.

After all, Sassbook AI engine has learnt from what humans have created and is able to provide multiple suggestions for you to best express your thoughts so you can create great content.

To get the best out of Sassbook writer AI, there are a few things you can do. So, what are they?

  1. 1. Supply an expressive prompt long enough for the AI to deduce your intent

Remember, AI cannot read your mind. It leads with whatever prompt you have entered. The more it can infer from it, the better will be the generated continuation.

  1. 2. Intentionally use the style you want the AI to adapt to in your prompt

Once again, the style and articulation of the prompt is           generally picked up by the AI. In fact, the AI engine figures out content based on this! As an example, whether you are writing fiction (stories) or a product review it infers from the supplied prompt.

  1. 3. Generate multiple times to get best results

Often, you will find that the AI produces content that is different from the topic you have in mind. Sometimes, vastly off the charts. This is because the AI addresses several diverse domains (see 2 above).

With Sassbook, it is easy to generate another completion, by pressing the Complete button again (or the Continue button).

  1. 4. Refine your prompt to guide the AI engine along your thoughts

In some cases, multiple generations may not still yield satisfactory results. In that case, rework your prompt so that the your intent is expressed without ambiguity and as clearly as possible.

  1. 5. Supply more prompts initially and fewer as content builds up

This applies if you are generating a rather long article, story, or news content. When you provide more prompts at the start of the content, the Sassbook automatic text writer engine is able to capture more context and produce much better results.

As content builds up, just continuing by pressing the button may be enough most of the time. You will find that content creation gets much faster and more in line with your ideas once the created text hits about 200 words or so.

  1. 6. Edit generated text completions and continuations

Your intention is to create content aligned with your ideas. There is no reason to not edit the generated content. Besides, often generated text contains URLs and other stylizations, which are mere suggestions for you to either supply your own or replace/edit them appropriately.

You can even add text to the generated content box before continuing to get better results.

  1. 7. Hit those Like/Dislike buttons generously

Whenever you generate a new chunk of text with Sassbook AI text generator, you have an option to like or dislike it. Use it generously. The AI learns from your feedback and future generations will ultimately benefit from this feedback.

The above are a few tips to get the best out of Sassbook AI Writer. Try it out and give it a few tries and you will find that you are able to create unique text content at lightning speed and articulate your ideas and expertise a lot more than in the past! Use automatic text writing for SEO improvements to generate more eyeballs on your content.

Sassbook is currently free to use, so sign up and take advantage of it now. Once you apply the tips above, you will find that Sassbook is indeed the best AI writer out there!

Sassbook AI develops online software to automate your content workflows to save time and money, spanning the entire content lifecycle. Checkout out Sassbook AI Summarizer for a great way to create automatic text summaries online.

Sassbook AI Text Content Creator Writes a Story

Sassbook AI Text Content Generator Writes a Story

Today’s post which is part of a daily series giving exploring the Artificial Intelligence-aided text generation capabilities of Sassbook AI Writer (or Text Writing AI), in particular as a story-writing AI software. Sassbook AI particularly excels as a story writing application. This is because the AI engine has been trained on a large corpus of fictional content, such as classic books.

The generated text is generally not edited, but some of it might have been left out and different continuations attempted to get the final version. We’ll note such manual interventions in between as block quotes, such as this paragraph. We may also include other commentary.

Here is the prompt supplied to Sassbook AI Text Generator or AI Writer, the idea is to lead with a prompt and build up AI fictional content from there. After all, a good beginning is key to great prose!

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. The day began like any other, went through my routines calmly and feeling refreshed.

Sassbook AI generated:

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. The day began like any other, went through my routines calmly and feeling refreshed. I was ready for the day.

There was another couple of sentences about a football game that I deleted and decided to continue from the above.

But then it didn’t.

I was at the counter and the checkout line when the bell rang. Someone had checked out of the store. It was the man I used to work with, who has since passed away. He said he would be there in a few minutes.

Now this looks interesting. There is a plot and some characterization is going on. Continue further.

My heart sank. What if this is it? How do you go from working together on your dream job to being alone after only two months? And how can someone so close have such an effect on you?

I called him back immediately. We talked about what happened. He told me that his wife died suddenly last year. She left behind three young children. They had been with her for almost a decade.

Save for the last sentence, things are still reasonably interesting, still. Continue.

As I walked home, I wondered what was going on inside me. What is the point of my existence if I am not going to be happy in this world?

Why do people have such a hard time accepting that they are just as human as everyone else?

Not bad at all, something that could be evolved into a decent story of relationships. Only the initial prompt was used and only one generation skipped (deleted most of it). Rest was all continuations, four of them. How would you develop it further with a new prompt adding to the plot/thread?

That’s it for a couple of minutes of “work” to generate about 250+ words of text with just continuations and a couple of deletions. No other edits at all, though some edits could improve the quality of prose in a couple of places.

Devote 10-15 minutes to write a decent enough story by supplying new prompts consistent with the plot in your mind.

Sassbook AI not only generates text but can provide such inspirations for creative writing, much more than in other fields where factual content is more desirable.

If you haven’t tried it yet, head over to Sassbook AI to try now; its is free for now!

Sassbook AI develops online software to automate your content workflows to save time and money, spanning the entire content lifecycle. Checkout out Sassbook AI Summarizer for a great way to generate automatic text summaries online .