About Sassbook

This is the official blog of  Sassbook AI – makers of applications to automate content generation, curation, and consumption for speed and cost reduction.

Sassbook AI was created with a vision to bring unprecedented levels of automation to the content lifecycle. This spans content generation, content curation, and consumption. Modern artificial intelligence technologies now make this possible with a deep understanding of the content.

The end goal is to make the content lifecycle much less costly to manage and enable more people to take part in the process regardless of the skill level.

The Sassbook AI Writer or AI Text Generator online, for example helps people high quality, unique, create text content automatically using state-of-the-art AI.

The Sassbook AI Summarizer or AI Summary Generator makes it possible to consume text content efficiently by automatically summarizing text documents and also helps with other parts of the content lifecycle. The AI summaries generated by Sassbook support abstractive summarization, which often rivals those generated by qualified human creators.

AI is especially good at inspiring creativity, so we have developed a dedicated story writing application – the Sassbook AI Story Writer. The AI story generator is similar to the AI Writer, but specialized for fiction with several available genres and styles to choose from.

Sassbook is a front runner in the text content automation arena. We make it possible to combine unmatched human creativity and ability to think with the ability of machines to generate and process content in an intelligent manner.

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