Automate Title Generation Using the new Sassbook AI Headline Generator API

Automate title generation with the new Sassbook AI Headline Generator API
Use Sassbook Headline Generation API to automate title generation in your own workflows and applications

We have been getting quite a few requests to provide a developer API for AI title generation after the Sassbook AI Headline Generator web application was released a while ago. Today, we are happy to announce that Sassbook AI Headline Generator API is now available for integrating headline generation into your workflows and products! πŸŽˆπŸΎπŸŽ‰

Similar to other Sassbook AI developer APIs already in existence, the headline API is also designed to support large volume usage and speedy execution. It excels in scenarios where near real-time response is needed as well as in the context of bulk-processing a large number of documents.


Simple and Powerful AI Title Generator API

The title generator API closely mirrors the web application functionality in its simplicity by requiring the user to only supply a couple of named parameters in addition to the required text content. In fact, only the source text (in UTF-8) is a required input, and the API internally provides sensible defaults for others.

The API can return multiple headlines for each set of parameters, so it is easy to pick a headline that works best. You can generate a larger set with different parameters and different seeding, so there is even more for a human to choose from, if so desired. For a single API call, one to ten candidate headlines may be generated.

Document Sizes and the AI Headline Generator API

There is a limit of eight hundred (800) words for the input document currently. This is because a much larger document potentially contains numerous ideas and concepts, resulting in less optimal headlines. However, if your documents are larger, it is trivial to make them shorter by creating a nice abstractive summaries using the Sassbook AI Summarizer API and feeding the result to the headline generator API.

Sassbook AI Headline Generator API Pricing

The headline/title generator API follows a simple pricing scheme, unlike other APIs which are based on the amount of text processed. For the title generator API, a fixed amount is charged for each headline generated, so it is easy to understand and manage the cost involved. The pricing is also attractive and split into different bands based on net usage in each monthly billing cycle. For more details about pricing and API documentation, visit the headline generator API page.

Like other APIs, the title generator API is also available under the API credits scheme for we application subscribers as well with the API-only subscription (based on usage). See the pricing page for more details.


Integrate Sassbook AI Headline Generator into your own workflows and applications

With the addition of this API, Sassbook AI covers more industrial-strength content automation scenarios, combining multiple APIs in creative ways. More such APIs are on the anvil to support and complete many more such diverse workflows and application use cases.

Do try out the Headline Generator API and provide your feedback!

Sassbook AI is a pioneer in AI content automation SaaS applications incorporating the latest developments in the AI technology space. The company currently offers web applications such as the AI Writer, AI Summary Generator, AI Headline Generator, and the AI Story Writer. Developer APIs for content generation, summary generation, and title/headline generation are also available.