Boost your content with a striking headline – Announcing the Sassbook AI Headline Generator

AI Headline Generator automatically generates headlines from your content with advanced AI

Sassbook AI Headline Generator is now generally available! You can now generate titles, headlines, or taglines for your text content automatically with various styles and lengths to fit your audience. The state-of-the-art AI analyzes the supplied text and generates up to ten (10) headlines at a time, so you can always find one that is just right.

Headlines draw your audience and ensure your audience’s engagement with it. Creating a headline that works for the content and your audience is no mean task. Sassbook’s advanced AI engine can easily generate hundreds of headlines in a matter of minutes, so it becomes trivial to select one and assign to your article. Even when you do not have the exact headline, finding one that is a close match or inspires you to create just the right one is guaranteed.

The AI Headline Generator is designed to fit into your content automation workflow alongside the Sassbook AI Writer, Sassbook AI Story Writer and the Sassbook AI Summarizer. For example, the content could be created with the AI Writer and a title is needed. Or you have a rather large article, and you use the abstractive summary generated by the AI summarizer to generate titles and headlines.

The headline generator or the title generator is designed to work with a wide variety of content types across domains, so regardless of whether you are dealing with news, blogs, website copy, a research article, fiction, or just about any other article, you can be sure that the AI Title Generator will always generate suitable candidate headlines for you to work with.

Configure the headline generator to generate titles with different creativity and length settings
Configure the Headline Generator to generate a title just right for your context and purpose

Head over to Sassbook AI right now and create headlines, titles, or taglines automatically from your content, to ensure your precious content draws the attention from your audience it deserves!

As usual, provide your feedback and valuable suggestions via the feedback form at Sassbook AI website or via email.

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